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Etc Etcetera Ltd

Plain Captoe

Plain Captoe

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Marikina Made 
100% Genuine Leather
All of our shoes are handcrafted by skilled local shoemakers, or "Sapateros," who are from Marikina, the Philippines' "Shoe Capital," using only real leather.
It's possible to see some lines and imperfections, as well as variations in color and texture. These are the only features of leather that are genuine and authentic, which is what gives each pair of our shoes its own individuality.
Shop for your elegant and stylish leather shoes online at Etc Etcetera.
Product Description


  • 100% Original MARIKINA MADE
  • Made from 100% GENUINE LEATHER
  • Non-slip Rubber Outsole
  • One Piece Leather Technology
  • Genuine Hand-stitched
  • Soft Leather Footbed
  • Non-slip Rubber Outsole
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